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Dr. Takeia Locke


Dr. Takeia Locke received her undergraduate degree from Howard University and Doctorate of Optometry from Nova Southeastern University. While in optometry school, she discovered that she can combine her desire to encourage children to pursue excellence in education with her doctorate by pursuing a specialty in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy. She completed a residency at Nova and decided that her focus would be on treating children, athletes, and special needs patients to ensure their vision does not negatively impact their lifestyle demands. The fact is as much as 80% of early learning begins with a child's eyes. Therefore, it is her goal to see that their foundation for learning is not delayed due to undiagnosed vision disorders.

Since everyone has unique needs Dr. Locke enjoys listening to patients, getting to know them and using her knowledge to provide the best solutions for their eye care. She has been known to discuss healthy habits with her patients and emphasizes that good habits result in good vision.

She identified her love of Optometry at the age of 16 and has worked in the field ever since. Her passion for optometry has earned her numerous awards in all areas of optometry including contact lens, school screenings, and pediatrics and vision therapy. Dr. Locke also has a passion for mission work in other countries and has volunteered in Jamaica several times.

She has published research and articles on Autism, Glaucoma and Dry Eye Disease. In addition, she has lectured in all areas of the field to her colleagues as well as community organizations. Dr. Locke is committed to caring for you and your family's vision and eye health.

In her free time Dr. Locke enjoys traveling and hopes to provide vision therapy in third world countries. She enjoys traveling with her husband and her children, spending time with family and listening to music.

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